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Proactive Avoiding Reactive Care

Human Capital Proactive Planning                                       Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) - Meaningful Analysis  

Our Mission

To provide meaningful analysis for informed, strategic decisions through
the creation of sophisticated solutions for proactive, quality care delivery

           We are the next step after benchmarking and trending
          Turning data into information, creating proactive plan

We enable healthcare organizations to achieve their business strategy by taking a holistic, proactive approach for aligning workforce to optimized workload, workflow, and projected reimbursements, creating cost effective budgets, position control and staffing guidelines

achieve positive, sustainable outcomes 
empowering upper management 
and those closest to delivering services 
with the right information  

We ask the right questions and help you correlate the necessary da
ta elements together with business intelligence dashboards to discover the underlying issues preventing you from delivering quality, cost efficient care.                                                               
  • Determine impact of proposed integration of physician practices
  • Empower managers closest to delivery of care to be proactive 
  • Enable alignment of CFO, CNO and COO efforts
  • Avoid RAC audits by monitoring red flags
  • Allow nursing, care management and palliative care to work in concert with each other
  • Model workforce plans with clinical processes by patient DRGs